A Recap…

October 18, 2006

I meant to update some stuff ever since July but was interrupted halfway through it… That’s why it’s been quite awhile since my last update… Anyway, here’s a month by month recap of what happened during the last 4-5 months (not counting the ones that I already blogged about in the previous entry)… (Some stuff you probably already heard because of the news or because I already mentioned about it)

24th – Had the dao/duen catwalk thing at Major Rangsit and wasn’t all that impressive… Just walked around the whole building and show yourself in a few clothes. Alright, I don’t mind walking around the building in front of a crowd… But having to wear a god-damn-freaking-tight shirt??! You bet that I didn’t enjoy that… Still, at least that was only for one of the shirts… The others were pretty big and not so freaking small. Pretty glad that many of the Dental students showed up even though they had to practice the faculty cheer at uni in the morning. (By the way, on the previous night, the 23rd, we had to practice walking all the way till 1 AM. Really a nightmare…)

27th – Had the cheer competition where all first years from all the faculties have to compete by doing all these cheers, songs, and dances. Overall, it was pretty boring since we had to wait until it was our faculty’s turn to go up, which was almost near the end… But the funny thing was that our faculty put lipstick, eyeliner, and paint on all over our face and arms that we looked like a bunch of crazy people. We basically got the attention of all the other faculties XD.

30th – The final dao/duen show. Thank God it’s finally the end. After days of getting home late [stayed until 2:30 AM the night before the big show], it’s finally come to an end. To our delight, Ploy and I didn’t make the cut since if we did, we had to answer questions about love and relationships since that was the theme of this year’s show. We were actually high-fiving each other backstage when we found out while other people were a little disappointed. Still, Ploy got the “Favorite Dao” award given to her by the show committee and P’Peaz, our “nanny”, got the “Best Nanny” award. I guess you should feel proud saying, “Hey, I got the best nanny award!” Anyway, the Thaitanium + AB Normal performances were AWESOME [especially Thaitanium’s, which ended at around 1 or 2 AM]. Last but not least, to the Harrovians – sorry I wasn’t able to go to the Leavers’ Ball that day but I really couldn’t get out of this event and besides, how often do you get to go to a Thaitanium + AB Normal concert for FREE?? Don’t worry, I’ll go next year for YOUR ball ;).

8th – Went to the Harrow Speech Day to get a copy of The Lion and the Sixth Form’s Leavers’ Book. Had a great time meeting some people and getting to talk to them before I had to leave to go to the hospital. I was actually surprised that Mr. Wise & Mr. Herbert mentioned my name in there and had some pics of me in there [considering that I was practically non-existant in the last yearbook where the only pic of me was in the class photo]. Was quite disappointed that Mrs. Keys, who I learned English with last year and was in MUN with her this year, spelled my last name wrong, twice – once in the newsletter [which wasn’t that bad since it was quite similar to my last name, just missing four letters], and again in the Lion where she called me “Jason Koonigathra”. So what, now I’m Indian??

13th My BIRTHDAY! Finally turned 17 so people at uni will stop staring at me blankly when I tell that I’m still 16. Have to thank those who actually remembered – Tanya [who messaged me right at midnight on MSN – I didn’t even realize that it was a new day until she told me], Aom, Tan, Donut, and Pat [who called me all the way from Australia – thanks a lot man. You’re lucky I had a quick break when you called me or else I wouldn’t have been able to pick up the phone]. Also have to thank all my dental friends who sang happy birthday in the middle of class so loud that the chem teacher got confused at first. Lastly, thanks to Pia, Joon, Tae, Tom, Aire, Yaya, Ply, Gift, Net, Act, Wei, Petch, Pear, Praew, and Mont for buying me this really great present. Really appreciate it (this means that I’m gonna have to do a lot of payback :P).

14th – Finally finished the taping of the UChannel interview for the dao/duen contestants. It was really tiring (and annoying to a certain extent) since I had to keep on going back to do different things and add some more stuff for them… But finally finished it… After what, 4 weeks?!

-Had normal classes and got ready for the midterm exams, in which some were pretty good and some were a nightmare.


Miss Puerto Rico competed, won the Miss Universe title, and fainted right after the show… What a great start. Wanted Japan to get it but oh well…

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Dek Dent

June 23, 2006

Just some random thoughts that are going through my head right now while I wait for my friends to finish their English class so that we can go and eat lunch and learn Bio…

-Uni started and had some rub-nong [Welcoming the Freshmen] activities that weren’t as bad as the other faculties. All we had to do was dance around and sing songs – nothing like the big scandals last year with other universities, so don’t worry Tent!

-I learn at two buildings, the Science building and the International College [IC] building and have one class at each building at least once a day. This is a pain since both the two buildings are on two opposite sides in campus, which means that I have to take approximately a 10-minute walk just to get to each class. Really tiring, if you ask me. Yeah, I know there are song-taews that go around the school, but you have to wait for them for a long time. Besides, as someone said, “there’s nothing wrong with walking, it helps you to exercise!”. That’s easy for you to say if you have a car to take you around campus!

-My schedule isn’t all that bad. I have the whole morning off for Wednesdays and the whole morning + afternoon off on Fridays [still have to come to school in the evening for Bio though].

-Had to take an English Exemption exam just to see if we can just skip our English classes. I think everybody in the “Regular” schedule passed the exam. Got the highest score with Vikrum! So happy.

-ROTC starts next Wednesday already! That means that I won’t have the Wednesday mornings off. Darn it…

-Really digging the IC’s common room since it’s freaking cool, nice, and relaxing. And it’s really cold! Something that I like, lol.

-Really like the new Science building here since the facilities are really nice and the lab room is awesome.

-Not enjoying the Dao/Duen Competition since it means that we have to spend ages practicing how to dance afterschool and sometimes last until midnight. Hate it, hate it, hate it!

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About A Boy…

June 3, 2006

Just wanna get this survey Lynn tagged me with since November done with first. So read it and you might find out something about me that you never knew!

5 snacks I like to munch on:
1. Cookies & Cream Ice-Cream – the BEST ice-cream flavor.
2. Cheetos & Cheeseballs & Nachos – they’re just so cheesy and yummy…
3. Chocolate – anything chocolate actually, they’re all good…
4. Joe’s food – he makes the best brownies, cakes, cheesecakes, hamburgers, etc. He’s a future chef!
5. Fettucini Carbonara – I’m sure Pat, Ta, and Kitti will say the same thing too, haha…

5 bands whose songs I know all the words to [maybe not know all the words but that I really like]:
1. Greenday – especially their latest album – AWESOME!
2. Coldplay
3. Linkin Park – not their Collision Course with Jay-Z though.
4. Evanescence
5. Rooster – Their first album was superb.
6. U2 – Great band, great lyrics, great songs.
7. Fort Minor – Didn’t expect the album to be so good – especially “Where’d You Go” and “Kenji”.
8. Hanson – Yes, that’s probably because I’ve been bombarded with it since my childhood because of someone
[And sorry if I added a little more than 5, but I love music! – not the person, lol]

5 places I would run away to:
1. San Francisco – The weather’s great – not way hot like Thailand.
2. Paris – I just like the whole city-life thing… Plus the weather’s pretty good and it’s not cloudy and rainy like London. Might get confused with the language though.
3. Ireland – Because it’s so green like Byron. And the weather’s good there.
4. Phuket – The weather is much better than Bangkok and it’s not too crowded like the city here. Plus, it’s right by the sea… [Obviously since it’s an island]
5. Italy – The weather’s pretty good and it has so much interesting history to learn about.
[Seems like all my choices are related with the weather…]

5 things I’d do with $100 million:
1. Give some to charity.
2. Give part of it to my parents. I don’t know, maybe half??
3. Keep it in the bank for my descendants.
4. Invest it in a business with my friends [who’ll prob have their own businesses, too!]
5. I don’t know -_-‘… I’ll be glad if I just make $1 million!

5 biggest joys:
1. Taking pictures [especially candids, haha]
2. Traveling
3. MUN [Yeah, I’m such a dork]
4. Hanging out with my friends
5. Watching TV [in case you didn’t know, I’m a couch potato…]

5 bad habits:
1. Laziness – I’m a sloth!
2. I like to leave things till the last minute.
3. I like to “type” the words I’m saying or thinking even though there isn’t a keyboard… Must’ve been from the long nights of staying up on MSN during the summers of Grade 7 & 8.
4. Mumble – I mumble so much that people don’t know what I’m saying.
5. I can get seriously addicted to something [games and TV shows that is, not drugs/alcohol/or anything else] and can some time let out a long chain of curses when I’m losing – as seen with my behavior when I play “Puzzle Fighter” at school in the common room, right Harrovians?

5 things I say too much:
1. Crap – I just don’t seem to dare to say sh*t…
2. Gum – not as in bubble gum but as in “กำ”, a Thai word that is somewhat similar to “crap”.
3. Ai-Ha – a sort of more “polite” version of “ai hia”, a Thai word that is somewhat simialr to “you asshole”.
4. Great… [with a sarcastic tone, of course…]
5. Uhh…

5 things I would never be caught dead wearing:
1. A dress.
2. Make-up.
3. These. Never in my life will I wear the yellow stockings poor Malvolio wore in Twelfth Night [even though I had to wear it for my Year 11 English Class Drama performance – it was made out of yellow poster paper, of course].
4. My birthday suit.
5. And lastly, THIS. One thing that I always wondered: Why in God’s name is Superman wearing his underwear outside of his pants??? It just doesn’t make sense…

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A [Really Late] Quick Update on Term 2

June 3, 2006

This is months overdue, haha. Harrow’s term 3 is about to end in a month and I’m still talking about term 2. Anyway, this is just a short update on each of the events that happened during my second term at Harrow. Here’s just some links to the recently added albums in the Yahoo Photo Album.

Twelfth Night Production
Did the Twelfth Night play back in January and had a blast doing so. We did three plays in all and the second one was the best since it was in front of the whole secondary school and the audience was really into it. The first round was mainly Year 6 and 7s so they didn’t really get it and the third round was mainly adults… So maybe they didn’t find the jokes that funny… Anyway, Prang was an excellent Olivia, Kate did an awesome job playing a man and a woman, Chris was really great [especially in the fighting scene], and the Olivia Household [Trin, Jeeb, Kitti, and Raghav] were freaking funny! I wouldn’t mind doing the play ten more times! Anyway, g’luck doing Romeo and Juliet next year [especially Prang and Kitti who were casted as Juliet’s parents]. Click the pic below to go to the Twelfth Night album.

Byron House Camp 2006
Had to arrange the different teams with Bifern before we went to camp. After school, we took a two hour bus ride to Pathum Thani, the camp site, and it looked completely different from last year. Much nicer. Strange though that during the night, all the girls got bit by the mosquitoes while the guys barely got bitten! Anyway, my team [Green Team. Consisted of Winner, Natalee, Third, Adrian, Poy, Jam, Aim, Aom, and I.] lost the tug-of-war [but were able to eliminate Bifern’s team, haha!] but was one of the highest teams to score during the obstacle course rounds [thanks to Natalee and Jam who had great balancing skills and scored so many points for us]. So we tied with Bifern’s team [Orange] and so the team leader of each team, in this case, Bifern and I had to do paper-rock-scissor and I don’t know if it was a miracle but I beated her! Haha, odd since I always lose. So we were one of the highests. The next day we had the build-a-raft game and race and my team and Bifern’s team made it to the finals and will compete with another two teams from the other group in the afternoon. Later on we had the mountain bike ride and Aom did an excellent job leading the way while I looked after our teammates at the back. Then during the final raft race, we won! Haha, teamwork, eh? Pretty cool – Bifern was fuming by the way [:P]. Then when the final results came out… I guess it was intended… There was a tie. Between who? BIFERN AND ME AGAIN. [Mr. Wise let out a laugh at this point, haha] So we had to do another round of tug-of-war for the tie-breaker. Because we had one less person that Bifern’s team, we got to choose one person from other teams. So we chose Kong, whose team won the tug-of-war. Thank God for him, we beated the Orange team and the Green team became the winning team! Think the top four results was 4th – Kong’s White team, 3rd – Raghav’s Blue team, 2nd – Bifern’s Orange team [originally pink but they had no pink bandanas], and 1st – Aom and my GREEN TEAM! Haha, a good sign for Byron, eh? I think this House Camp was much better than last year’s. We also did some prank calls to Nun and Bifern that night since they didn’t have Gaf’s number. Haha, it was freaking funny. Weren’t able to fall asleep until 2 or 3 AM though because it was freaking hot. And we had to wake up at 6:30 in the morning! Anyway, click on the pic below to go to the House Camp album.

Sports Day 2006
This year’s Sports Day was sorta more entertaining than last year’s since Jeeb, Topsy, and the rest of the Suriyothai House managed the music list and turned on really fun songs to run to. Had a great [but tiring] day. The day before, Aom, Bifern, Raghav, Gaf, and I worked on the Byron sign [as seen below] and worked on the drinks and snacks list for our house. The next day, we had to carry the ice, drinks, and snacks all the way from the Dining Hall to the Sports Hall – not a short distance, you know. Anyway, Mr. Wise sprained his ankle the day before so Bifern and I had to work on getting all the kids to their track and field events. Not an easy thing to do since the kids were all over the field and we didn’t even know some of their names [yes, I know, really bad since you’re the house captain and should know their names]. Also did the 1500 m run since they weren’t able to send the list at the last minute, so yeah… I’m proud to say that I was third… to last that is, haha. Had to do the 200 m as well. Don’t ask about that. Anyway, all of the Byron students did an excellent job and really made an effort this year. Despite all the running around and shouting for the students to get to their events, I have to say that it was fun and better than just sitting around doing nothing like last year. Maybe I’ll go and help next year :P. Oh, and the final results…

6th Place: Suriyothai [Pretty odd since they have really good athletes]
5th Place: Sonakul [At least they didn’t beat Byron like last year]
4th Place: Churchill [Haha, Nithi was really frustrated!]
3rd Place: Byron [MUCH better than last year’s 5th. We were just 7 points behind Nehru!]
2nd Place: Nehru [I was sorta cheering for Nehru to beat Keller since Byron didn’t have a chance. But to find out that we were only 7 points behind Nehru… That’s just really sad…]
1st Place: Keller [Again… Starting to get sick of them getting first place at all the sporting events. Can somebody just BEAT them for once??]

So this year’s was much better and we totally improved… Wonder how next year’s will be… Click on the pic below to go to the Sports Day 2006 album.

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To “Our Humps”, “Nerd Nation”, “Twelfth Night”, and others…

May 20, 2006

This is just a little entry I would like to dedicate to my friends at Harrow since I’ve left and will be going to university in a few weeks…

I can’t believe it’s been nearly two years since I moved to Harrow and look, I’m leaving already! Time flies… Anyway, here’s some things I would like to say to you all but didn’t have enough space to write for every single one of you for my yearbook statement [since we were given a very small word limit! Haha, J/K]…

Joe (Cockroach – That’s because he never loses anyone while playing Puzzle Fighter)
3 Things that make Joe: Cooking, Aconatic, and Bowling.
Haha – the King of Puzzle Fighter – Nobody can beatcha! I think I only beated you twice while you beated me a hundred times or so… Had a great time with you and Gaf during the expedition – especially the recordings we made ;). You’re one of my best friends man… Too bad we never had the same free periods or we would’ve had so much fun [you’re so lucky to have so many free periods]. Oh yeah – and you’re an excellent cook – the food you make are so freaking delicious… You should be a chef! It was so fun learning the sciences with you for the first half term of Year 11, spending time during the expedition [including the discussion on your “NN” :P], doing ICT coursework, and so many other stuff… Joe’s a man that anyone can rely on – you can ask him to do stuff for you [e.g. take pictures :P], cook for you, burn CDs for you, etc – but never touch his Aconatic DVD player!!! [And good luck at RIS!]

Kitti (Maew)
3 Things that make Kitti: “olo”, Manchester United, and “seaweed”.
My fellow Physics, Chemistry, and Maths buddy… We had so much fun in those classes and I don’t know why, but you always got blamed for talking too much even though you didn’t even say a single word! Remember when we broke that test tube in Mrs. Eades’ class? Okay, I broke it… Still, I don’t get why it broke when I decided to put the test tube end at the bunsen burner once when you did it a million times and it didn’t break at all. What else… You always made the classes fun [especially Maths & Mechanics where it’s so quiet], always came up with some funny [and some lame :P] jokes to get our group to laugh, and so many other things… Oh and you have this amazing talent that no one else seems to have of turning something so innocent into something that can be really perverted! [e.g. Puzzle Fighter or bowling] Oh, and thanks a lot for brining your chocolate on my last day [after two years of bugging] Anyway, a little warning to other people: If you’re gonna let Kitti sign your friendship book, MAKE SURE YOU HAVE MANY PAGES FOR THE OTHERS BECAUSE HE’LL HOG EM ALL! Haha, nah, not that many… Only, like, six!

Ta (Biter)
3 Things that make Ta: Music, Pluto, and Biting.
Haha, he just loves to bite everyone for no reason! Remember when you, Bifern, and I kayaked during the expedition and we were the first to reach the island? [Ok, not first, but the first students to get there and the second kayak to arrive after the Watermans…] Haha, that was so fun – especially when we were saying things like there’s ice-cream, KFC chicken, Pizza, and even your DOG waiting for you on the island. I remember we paddled so freaking hard and it took us 20 minutes just to pass a tiny island… Oh, and I don’t know how you can stand doing four to six periods of music a day. I would be so bored… And one more thing man, how do you have the guts to sing Bodyslam’s Kob Faa in front of the whole Secondary School in assembly??? Oh yeah, and one last thing – congrats on getting to be a monitor for term 3. [No need to keep on rubbing it in now…]

Donut (Dodo :P)
3 Things that make Donut: The Person You Can Trust, “Dunkin Donut”, and Interesting Jokes.
Had so much fun spending time with you at school and whenever we went out with others. Always get confused at the Thai jokes that you make though. [maybe because I don’t get Thai jokes that much…] Anyway, you are really good at giving me advice and helping me do things. It’s been less fun [and quieter, J/K!] ever since you left for Mahidol… Oh, and you were so good at Thai that you beated everybody in our year for the IGCSE Thai exam! You are a very nice friend to have and, as I said, very helpful – a friend for life. Anyway, hope you’re having fun at Mahidol and make sure that we meet up some time after the Harrovians are done with their AS exams. And sorry for always annoying you by calling you “Dodo”!

Por (Malang Por)
3 Things that make Por: Hilarious Jokes, Counselor, and ROTC Buddy.
I bet you’re having lots of fun at Mahidol right now. Who will I be with during ROTC now that we’re at different schools wa? Man, I’m gonna be so lonely. Anyway, you’re probably the nicest guy I know since you’re always so nice and motivating. I remember that you even called me at the hospital through the hospital number last year when I was really sick. And you always support Byron whenever we have inter-house competitions. [only when we’re not up against Nehru that is] And you’re probably the most mature guy in our group, since you can be very serious at times [and freaking hilarious as well]. Too bad you, Donut, Kevin, and Nop left before we went to the expedition or we would’ve had an even better time. And thanks so much for always giving me advice and supporting me whenever I need it! Hope you survive the whole “fragments and run-ons”!

Tina (Tuna :P)
3 Things that make Tina: Biology, Survivor, and Debating Skills.
The Queen of Bio! Nobody can beat you in any of the Bio tests in class [Ok, I might have beaten you two or three times but that’s out of, like, 10-15 tests/exams??] So you’re still the top of the class [Don’t try to argue!]. Had so much fun with you during Bio classes [especially whenever you confuse Mr. Waterman with your questions]. And I always seem to lose whenever we make bets on things… I’ll probably be bankrupt if I’m still at Harrow! The debates we did were so fun, especially the mobile phones one that we did for Science Week [and I beated you! But that makes us even since you beated me during the Cloning debate for Bio class – by a landslide]. By the way, you should try out for MUN Chair next year since it’s much better than being a delegate. Anyway, they should have a job where it’s a mix of being a doctor and a lawyer together because you’re so good at science and you’re really good at debating! And last but not least, I can always tell you the Survivor spoilers that I know ;). Oh yeah, ARAS won – not TERRY. Man, I should’ve made a bet with you beforehand…

Bifern (Biff Christensen)
3 Things that make Bifern: Badminton, Hayden Christensen, and KFC.
The biggest poser in our group! [Haha, J/K] We had so much fun being Byron House Captains this year… Remember this year’s Sports Day where we had to run around getting the kids to do their race and events? Man, I know I sound crazy saying this, but I actually want to do that again! And admit that I’m better at Puzzle Fighter than you. And I bet you’re not taking Critical Thinking next year after what I heard about the exams. Oh, and after what you told me on my last visit, just give the kid the blue slip! Don’t worry about him hating you for the rest of his life because you have the rights to give it to him. Hmm… Seems like I beat you at everything, e.g. House Camp games [That was awesome :D], Puzzle Fighter, Bowling, etc, etc – Joking, you got better IGCSE grades than me. And hope your “lucky” number [79] changes to 97 – you know what I mean.

Pat (Moo Paa)
3 Things that make Pat: “Mr. Wax-man”, Moo Paa, and Long Distance Caller.
Why did you leave Harrow?? You kept on telling us that you’ll stay and then all of a sudden you’re leaving for Australia! So bad man… Anyway, you should’ve stayed and we would’ve had so much fun at school and during the expedition. Well, at least you’re doing well in Aus… Thank God that despite the little conflict our group had this year we were still able to patch things up and meet up and still be friends. You were probably my best friend when you were still at Harrow and still are. Jeesh, but you go to bed so late man since I’m up until 1 or 2 AM and you’re still online! Last but not least, good luck on your exam results and hope you get all A’s! Oh, by the way, can I go practice at your parents’ clinic when I’m done with dentistry?? Haha, J/K! [Unless your parents let me :P]

Gaf (Nathan J. Samuel)
3 Things that make Gaf: Hair Wax/Gel, Addictive Laugh, and Lurking around Hi5.
You always surprise me with your new looks, first a Japanese-anime hairstyle, then your mohawk, then a copy of Sharp’s hairstyle, and what’s next?? You have one of the funniest laughs in the whole school that it’s so addictive. Remember the recordings we made during the expedition? Haha, those were hilarious. And the prank calls we made during House Camp – those were the best! Anyway, thank God we had you for Sports Day or we wouldn’t have anyone to do the 1500 m, 400 m, or the relays [even though you got a little sick after]. You, Raghav, Bifern, Aom, and I used to have so much fun during tutor group, kinda bad thought that Gray always picked on you. Remember the Nan expedition when we rafted with Jeeb and Toy and after we went through this little cliff, you and I just plunged forward right into Jeeb and Toy?? Haha, that was so funny… Anyway, you were the tough guy of our tutor group that always had a weird sense of humor… Hope you have fun in uni next year.

3 Things that make Topsy: E.M.O.T.B. [is that the correct order of your initials?], Dreadlocks, and A* English Essay Buddy.
I still remember the second day of school when a group of us played Monopoly! till 4 and Trin kept on calling you “Tipsy”, haha… Remember during the expedition when you did the Hotseat game? Haha, it was so funny. Anyway, I think you’re the coolest girl in our Year. Why? First of all, you changed your hairstyle to dreadlocks even though it was against the school rules. And you know all about celebrity news, you knows about R&B and Hip Hop [barely see girls that know anything about them these days], and you’re not afraid to speak up in class [or make weird expressive noises]! Oh, and remember when we “helped” Kitti with his “smoking is bad” essay? Haha, we worked so well as a team and made an A* essay. [Like what you said, you do the bullshit part and I do the factual part :P] Anyway, good luck at uni and hope you have lots of fun.

Nun (Ms. Money)
3 Things that make Nun: Art, Design, and Mobile phone ringing in classes.
Too bad that I didn’t have any class with you this year [I should have taken Further Maths!] or we would’ve had fun last year’s English class… Well, at least we had the Twelfth Night play to do together, “Miss Director”. Anyway, you’re probably the most artistic person I ever met since you’re so good at Art and painting [as well as graphic design]. You were the one that came up with the whole “Our Humps” name for our group during the expedition [even though you had many rejections from Ta, Joe, and I :P] and caused many raised eyebrows from the other teams. Remember during the expedition when we played the word game in the pool and the word got so twisted from “Naam Poong” into “Nun Poong”?? Yeah… Lastly, we’re both Leavers this year. [Along with Topsy and Joe from our group] Enjoy your time at Central Saint Martin’s next year.

3 Things that make Aom: Byron Sports Captain, Ice-Cream, and Strength.
Thank God you were our Sports Captain for the basketball, swimming gala, and football or we’ll be dead! You’re the toughest and strongest girl in our tutor. [maybe even in the whole House!] Had a really good time with you during House Camp where we were leaders together and we won! Hooray to the Green Team! And no, we did not intentionally pick all the good people [as one other team leader of the Orange team claimed :P]. But yeah… If it weren’t for you calling [or shouting or bugging] us in the common room every morning, Gaf, Bifern, Raghav, and I would be late for tutor group every day! Again, I had so much fun working with you as Sports Captains this year and especially during the House Camp [best House Camp ever – even though you were horribly bitten by mosquitoes, which was odd because only the girls got bit and none of the guys were bitten at all].

Prang (Olivia)
3 Things that make Prang: “Hatsumomo”, Acting, and Screaming [watch the Twelfth Night play and you’ll know what I mean].
One thing first, Prang – where do you get all your voice from?? Because you can shout so loud during Twelfth Night that everybody was stunned since you’re so small! Anyway, if it weren’t for you, the Twelfth Night rehearsals wouldn’t be fun at all. You had so much energy and enthusiasm while we did the play. You were an excellent Olivia. Can you believe that we were able to put the whole play together in just a week or two? That was really amazing… And by the way, you acted really well! I really liked the part that you were chasing Kate on the swings, the famous “lesbian scene”, and the part where you break up the fighting scene and start to “seduce” [is there any better word than that??] Chris. Too bad we won’t get to do any more of those Critical Thinking questions together any more… That class was fun, in a way, despite all our complaints… Oh, and I heard that you got “Lady Capulet”‘s role for next year’s “Romeo and Juliet” production – haha, I can already imagine you as her [though I think that you should be Juliet more since I bet you’ll do an excellent job as Juliet]! Don’t forget to tell me when the big performance is – I’ll be sure to be in the first row.

3 Things that make Chris: Leeds United Football Team, Black toothbrush, and “super mouth” that can fit a whole fist or coke can in it.
My other MUN buddy. Remember the “big eyed” face that you copied of the Guinness World Records Book in Singapore during the IASAS MUN Conference? Haha, that was hilarious. And it was such a coincidence that you ended up moving right across the lake from me! I remember we were in Mr. Temple’s Physics class trying to figure out where your house was since you didn’t know the Mooban’s name and I didn’t even know that there were two lakes in the mooban! You always did funny [and weird] things that made us laugh during Year 11 English and the science classes [or else they would’ve been a bore!]. Anyway, it’s been great having you as a friend and hope the team you’re cheering for the World Cup wins! [Haha, lucky you that your AS exams end 3 days before the World Cup begins!]

Jeeb (Jeebie)
3 Things that make Jeeb: Alex Band, Simba, and “Michelin”.
You’re the future Head Girl for sure [well, either you or Siree, I think]. Anyway, I always thought you were so cool since you always get really good grades [and I mean really good] and know everything about music [and you like rock!]… You are the bravest girl I know, especially after the stories I heard about Kid’s party in Year 10 and after seeing it for myself at his other party last year… Oh, and I also had an excellent time doing Twelfth Night with you this year – you were an excellent Maria! [Especially the “Go kiss my ass!” part – Haha, you got the whole crowd laughing!] Lastly, hope you’ll always be cool, funny, and smart like now and hope you get Head Girl!

3 Things that make Toy: Manga, Awesome Notes [:P], and Cute Cat Keychain.
Toy… You helped me so much in Chem and Physics this year [especially in Chemistry, and in Physics when Jeeb’s too busy chatting with Karam]. Without you, I’ll be absolutely dead in trying to figure out what Mr. Gray’s talking about. Oh, and I have to thank you for helping me revise for the IGCSE History and Sciences last year – your notes were awesome! Helped me understand practically everything. Thank God you didn’t charge me for them. Anyway, you should’ve done Biology as well so we could have loads of fun [and so that you could help me, too! Haha, joking… I get enough of that from Tina already [J/K, Tina]]. Yeah, and I still remember your “request” to give you a discount [no, not free] when I become a dentist!

3 Things that make Trin: Keller House Captain, Younger Students “Wai-ing” Him in the Hallway, and Guaranteed Head Boy Position.
Definitely next year’s Head Boy – the school should’ve let you be the Head Boy this year. First thing first, I still don’t get how you’re able to get all the younger students to “wai” you in the hallways. I can’t even get my Year 8 Byron House kids to be nice to me! Haha, anyway, you’re one of those few people who are really good at both studying and playing sports… You’re also the most motivated House Captain ever [participating in every House event, running the last 100 meters along with Keller runners on Sports Day just so that you can motivate them, and many other things]. Had a great time organizing the Disco with you and all the others last year – by the way, has Hensman mentioned about what he did with the money? Lastly, if you don’t get to be Head Boy, then the school’s gone crazy because you’re the most qualified guy!

Siree (Ree)
3 Things that make Siree: Pangya, Great Drawing, and Great Cooking Skills!
Feel so bad for you now that you’re the only person doing all three sciences… There used to be you, me, Simran, and Nop at the beginning of the year but Simran changed from Physics to Business and Nop moved to Australia… And now I’m moving, too. So you’re the only “hardcore-science” student! I still remember last year during the Nan Expedition where we had to cook during the rafting session and you kept on adding sugar and chili to the “pad-gra-pao” but it stayed salty no matter what. Anyway, your “pad-gra-pao” was really good. I guess the talent for cooking runs in your family since Dow’s also really good at cooking! As I said to Jeeb earlier, either you or her are the future Head Girl, so hope you get Head Girl! And good luck with all your sciences + Further Maths exams, “Silly Siree So Sexy” :P.

3 Things that make Nithi: “Nerd” [sorry, but we’re even since you always call me that], Motivated Churchill Captain, and Economics Expert.
Do not deny it man, you are a nerd! [And so am I and the rest of the Sixth Form as you claim, lol] Anyway, Nithi – you’re one of the coolest guys in our year since not only are you really good at your classes [don’t deny that], you’re also really funny and know how to be fun. Had a great time doing Twelfth Night with you this year. By the way, you should’ve continued with being Antonio for the play since I would’ve had so much fun kicking you in the final scene! It wasn’t so much fun kicking Kane [okay, it was, but it would’ve been more fun if you were Antonio!]. Lastly, thanks for giving me some tips on Economics and good luck with all your exams!

Blue (Princess)
3 Things that make Blue: Silence, Sweet, and Siam Paragon.
Blue – you’re the quietest person I ever know. Still, you’re probably the sweetest person as well [but don’t get on her bad side, J/K!]. Anyway, I still remember last year’s Thai class where Oat and I had to write a poem about a member of the class and we wrote about you… Haha, that was so funny, especially when we ended it with “Go shop at Empo” [translation] and everybody knew right away that it was you! Had a great time going out with you and the others during the past year, and no it’s not because we want discounts at Paragon, lol. Lastly, stay sweet like this forever, ok? [P.S. Where’s my Paragon card?!?!? Haha, J/K!]

Boung (Brokeback Worm)
3 Things that make Boung: Towlie’s “You Wanna Get High?” Quote, Music Taste [Anything from rock to opera to new age], and Taking Photos.
The Rebel of the Sixth Form. Never met anyone as daring and brave like you. In fact, if it weren’t for you, Mr. Gray’s Chemistry class as well as Critical Thinking wouldn’t be so much fun. Remember when Mr. Gray mentioned about going to Ireland for his sister’s wedding and you asked, “What? Who died?” Hahaha, it got the whole class laughing. By the way, thanks for burning some of the South Park episodes for me since I was still high on it after watching Syne’s Season 1-5 DVDs of South Park during the summer break… Anyway, you should’ve been nominated as a Prefect – at least a monitor! You would’ve been the “fun” Prefect like Tab now, or else all the Prefects will look like robots… Well, see you later and if you’re gonna go play paintball next time, make sure to invite me and I’ll make sure I can go this time.

3 Things that make Simran: Helpful, Kind, and Badminton Pro.
Simran… My first impression of you was that you were going to be the really obedient student who never disobeys the teacher – I was wrong! OK, you were still obedient and stuff but you were so much fun to talk to in classes [especially during Maths]. Haha, I was even more surprised as I got to know more of you as this year passed. Anyway, you should’ve stayed in Physics class so that it wouldn’t be only Siree and I who did all three sciences. You know what I mean, right? Less people to ask for help! Yeah, but I had lots of fun this year with you, especially when we played Badminton against Tina and Toy during the last P.E. lesson – boy, you’re good! Anyway, good luck and hope you do well in your exams.

3 Things that make Yuka: Always laughing, excellent Thai skills, and Cool Camera.
Haha, I still remember when Kitti said some inappropriate things in Japanese to you and you went all red and started hitting him like crazy! It was great to know you this year, even though I didn’t get to know you that well since we didn’t have any of the same classes and barely saw you at lunch. But still, had a great time hanging out with you, especially when we played bowling several times! Oh, and I still remember the first time we took a picture with your camera and we didn’t know if it already took the pic or not and already started walking away when the flash popped up with a loud sound! Anyway, don’t spend too much time “preparing for the art exam”, during activities, if you know what I mean 😉 [In case you forgot, remember when I visited and you told me to tell the others that you and some other people had to “prepare for the art exam”… Ok, will stop babbling now :P]

Siki (Horseboy)
3 Things that make Siki: His Seal, “Maaa”, and the Goofiest guy in the Sixth Form.
Even though you’re a Year 13 and a Prefect, none of us seem to show any “respect” to you, haha… None of us even say “P” before your name like the way we do with the other Year 13s! No idea why, but you’re the funniest guy in Year 13 – maybe because you’re just like one of us Year 12s?? You’re really funny to chat with on MSN since you go on and on and on to other topics – and get really insistent on some things, too. It was so funny that time when we came out of Critical Thinking class and entered the common room and saw that you decorated the whole board with your drawings of the animals in your “aquarium”. Oh, and thanks for being a great sports captain for the House basketball games. By the way, just realized, you’re the only Year 13 that I’m writing this to – you should be honored! Anyway, if it weren’t for you, the Sixth Form would’ve been boring [same with our tutor group]. Good luck at uni!

Julie (Pumpkin)
3 Things that make Julie: Always Laughing, Byron House Spirit, and Cheerful.
Julie – you shouldn’t have left for Singapore! The Sixth Form was so much quieter and boring without you… Anyway, it was so fun to be with you in Bio before you moved to Business, especially when Raghav takes out the fake gecko and scares you with it. I’m serious though, you’re always laughing and in a good mood that it seems like nothing can make you have a bad day. Our tutor group got quieter after you left, since there’s no one for Mr. Gray to scare, haha. Remember when he threw this paper ball and it landed right in front of you and Kanae? Haha, you screamed so loud! Yeah, it was fun to be with you in our tutor groups, especially when we were with Mr. Francois last year. Keep in touch, ok? I’ll never forget you and your Byron House Spirit.

Music (Kappa)
3 Things that make Music: “Aloha”, Kappa, and C2 + M1 Expert.
You were very sweet and helped me in Mechanics and C2 Maths whenever I didn’t understand anything. If it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t get the new stuff we did in C2 at all. You should’ve stayed in Chemistry with us! Anyway, if it weren’t for you last year, I wouldn’t have been able to catch up with the Year 10 USA History work. Yeah, you were very nice and sweet and very patient as well. Oh, and congrats on getting to be a monitor – I bet you’ll be the nicest monitor/Prefect of all.

Becky (Kee-Beck)
3 Things that make Becky: Pink, Dark Horse for Maths C1, and Nett [:P].
Becky… You got so good at maths later that you became the best in C1 for our class! Haha, I remember we were sort of competing when we had C1 Mock exams and for the real thing – although I might’ve beated you for the mocks, you beated me in the real thing in the end. Plus, you got the second highest of the whole Year! And you got 100% for one of our Mechanics tests. You and Nett are like “pa-tong-go” – can never separate you guys wherever you go, except for the bathrooms, but that’s it, lol. Anyway, hope you get into Chula and good luck with your exams.

3 Things that make Nett: Puzzle Fighter, Sports, and Becky [:P].
I remember you said that you didn’t know how to play volleyball at all when we started it and after K and Kong taught you how to serve, you were a freaking serving machine! Same with badminton – how did you get so good wa? And I never beated you in Puzzle Fighter – ok, maybe once or something – but still, you’re one of the best Puzzle Fighter players in our Year… After Joe of course. He’s the God of Puzzle Fighter. As I mentioned with Becky earlier, you guys are inseparable… Anyway, good luck with your exams and good luck at uni.

Raghav (Ra Koab)
3 Things that make Raghav: Dancing, Geography, and MUN.
My MUN buddy – We’ve been to all the conferences together [except for the Year 10 one] and boy did we have fun. I remember the time when we were in Singapore and were walking down Orchard Road with Chris, Raghav S, Won Jae, and Saneh and practically got lost trying to find our way around! And why do you always seem to break things in the bathroom whenever you go on trips/expeditions?? Haha, I guess you have this bad luck thing with bathrooms. By the way, where do you get all the nerves to do all those dances/singing/performances in front of a whole crowd? [e.g. The Malvolio Dance in Twelfth Night, the Famous Duet with Linn during the expedition, Dhoom Dhoom dance, etc] That’s something I would never do.

Shintaro (Shin-Jung)
3 Things that make Shintaro: Super ****ing Strength, Awesome Drum Playing Skills, and “Hello Kitty”.
Shintaro – where did you get all your strength to do all the sports, man? You’re one of the fastest guys in our year, one of the fittest guys in the whole school, the second highest in the beep test [after Chris], and won the javelin record [40 m]! You’re one of the best sport players man… You should’ve joined school teams and stuff. I bet we would’ve done really well with you in the teams. Haha, Suriyothai’s lucky to have you… Anyway, don’t get mad about the hello kitty bit up there, it’s just that I still remember that time in Mr. Beer’s Biology class where you had that little book and Mr. Beer kept on referring to it… Lastly, good luck with your exams!

Some of My Younger House Members – Peb, Prang, Adrian, Aim, Eye, and Third
Haha, you guys are the best “roon-nong”s to have because you guys are just so funny, great at house activities, and supportive.
Peb & Prang – probably the most annoying, but still the funniest, girls in the house to have to lead. Had a great two years with you guys, especially with Peb during last year’s house camp [I haven’t forgiven you for stepping on my back yet] and Prang during last year’s community service.
Adrian – funniest guy in the house – had a great time with you during house camp. You have one of the most addictive [and scary] laughs. Anyway, great job during the swimming gala where you did the kayak relay and during sports day!
Aim & Eye – you guys were excellent in house competitions – basketball, soccer, swimming, volleyball, sports day – everything! If it weren’t for you guys, I doubt Byron will be where it is now.
Third – feel so bad for putting you up in so many events for the swimming gala and sports day, but you were awesome. Same with all the other house competitions we did – thanks a lot for being able to handle the craziness of Aom, Bifern, and I combined!

Froggy (Byron)
3 Things that make Froggy: Green, “safe sex”, and “Rony B”.
Froggy – I’m going to miss you, especially Mrs. Froggy and Baby Froggy. Note to the other Houses – there are two Froggies – Froggy is NOT a transvestite as some houses claimed. Mrs. Froggy and Froggy met through P’Bow (Last year’s House Captain) and they decided to become a family, thus leading to the birth of Baby Froggy this year. Anyway, now that that’s cleared, Froggy’s the best house mascot – it’s not ugly like Nehru’s Clifford, it’s not cyanotic like Churchill’s Doraemon, it’s always the same unlike Keller’s mascot (which changed from Pikachu to Tweety to Winnie the Pooh), and it’s not fat like Suriyothai’s old mascot, Cow. And Sonakul doesn’t even have a mascot [Sorry Chris! :P]. Haha, I had an awesome time being in Byron for the past two years and being the House Captain along with Bifern this year where we probably annoyed the hell out of our House members as we tried to force them to join the competitions. Besides, we can learn a great lesson from Froggy and Lord Byron – to always wear a condom. [Read Byron’s sex history and you’ll know why].

The Biology Lab Mice
3 Things that make the Bio Mice: Stinky, Addictive Habits of Excreting, and Love to Reproduce.
These mice are really something. They love to poo, especially whenever Siree holds them and one time one of them even peed on the sink while we were carrying them. Yeah, I know, they’re supposed to pee when they’re scared – but pooing?? Also, because of them, the Biology labs have become the stinkiest in the whole Science department! And last but not least, they love to reproduce. I swear. One day, one of them is pregnant and gives birth to about ten baby mice, and then the next few days, about 2-3 more mice give birth to another ten each. It actually reached a point where we had to get extra cages or they’ll be overcrowded and become stressed due to competition, little space, and – just look at your Science textbook… Anyway, they were fun to play with during little class breaks – man, I’m gonna miss them…

Alright, that’s all there is for my entry to my fellow Harrovians. I’ll post another entry in the next few days since so much stuff happened between the expedition and now… Also, I’ll put up some pics in the next entry from the House Camp, Twelfth Night Performance, Sports Day, Volleyball Competitions, and my Last Week at Harrow… I know, tons of stuff to post for the next entry, but it’s coming along…

By the way, did you guys watched this year’s MTV Asia Awards? It was pretty good. I thought that Teriyaki Boys were awesome, as well as Rivermaya, Jolin Tsai, Se7en, and the Kangta/Vaness duet pwhich really surprised me]. It was so funny because the Asian stars ended up outshining the foreign stars [Hoobastank and Korn]! Some of the disappointments this year were the Inspirational Award. How the **** did Bird get it? It’s not like he did anything that helped people or anything. This type of award should be given to people who actually did something to help and inspire people. Oh, and Marsha shouldn’t have spoken so much Thai when she presented the award. Seems like all the winners were the ones that were there [except for the big international stars, that is]. Anyway, wonder where they’ll have it next year.

One more thing – Terry didn’t win on Survivor! Aras won! I actually wanted Cirie to win though. I should’ve made that bet with Tina so I would finally beat her once. To Tina: How many cokes/ice-cream do I owe you now?

Okay, last bit now, I’m so glad that BJ & Tyler won the latest Amazing Race because they deserved it. Haha, it was so funny that Eric & Jeremy kept on thinking they got the wrong Thai flag when they originally had the correct one. [As you can tell, I’m a reality show addict. But hey, that’s what happens when you have nothing to do and stuck at home!]

Currently Playing: 24 by Jem – I can’t stop listening to this song, as well as the rest of her album.

Currently Watching: Grey’s Anatomy – Am seriously addicted to this series now. Where can I get the DVD here in Thailand?

Recently Watched: Mission Impossible 3 – I thought it was pretty good despite the whole TomKat thing going on. The action sequences were really good and JJ Abrams did an excellent job in directing the movie. By the way, is it just me or does anybody else think that Tom Cruise’s fiance in the movie looked sorta similar to Katie Holmes… Lol…


Koh Chang Expedition

February 17, 2006

For this year’s expedition, the Sixth Formers decided to go to Thailand’s eastern island, Koh Chang, which is several kilometers off the province Trat. I had a great time during this year’s expedition, not only because of the various activities [e.g. snorkeling, kayaking, game activities, etc], but also because of the great time I got to spend with the rest of my friends. In my opinion, this year’s expedition is somewhat equal to or even better than last year’s Nan expedition… Anyway, without further ado, let’s get this photoblog started… A little warning, there are about 115 pics here, so the page may take awhile to load.

Topsy and Nun as we waited for the buses to arrive.

Nun and Tina.

Joe and Ta.

Girls: Topsy, Nun, Bifern, and Yuka.
Guys: Me and Gaf

Tien, Raghav, and Ta.

Because there wasn’t any space to play cards, we had to play them on Gaf, who was sleeping.

In McDonald’s at the stopping point.
Back Row: Raghav, Kitti, Bifern, and Yuka.
Front: Ta.

Boung, Yuka, Gaf, and Bifern.

Topsy and Nun playing Puzzle Fighter.

Ta and Joe as they watched A Knight’s Tale on Joe’s little DVD player.

Gaf and Tien before they took annoying VDOs of people.
Talk about VDOs, here’s a VDO clip of what was going on during the expedition [I was filming]. Note: Languages spoken are English and Thai, so you should know I little Thai to be able to follow what’s going on…

Yuka and Bifern as they waited for their turn to play Puzzle Fighter.

Me, Ta, and Bifern at the gas station.

Jeeb, Nun, and Boung.

Bifern and Nun playing “Pai Thoap” [Snap] on Kitti’s [who got on the wrong bus] stomach.

Waiting for the ferry…
Standing: Joe, Ta, Bifern, Kitti, Gaf, and Raghav.
Sitting: Me, Nun, and Topsy.

On the ferry…
Topsy, Ta, Me, Gaf, Tien, Nun, and Bifern.

Looking out at the sea.
Topsy, Bifern, and Nun.

[I’m so lucky my camera didn’t fall when I took this pic!]
Nun, Bifern, and Topsy.

The view…

Nun’s bug-eye sunglasses became so popular during the trip that everyone wanted to wear them [and see their reflection in them!].

Another ferry that passed us on the way to Koh Chang.

Welcome to Koh Chang!
Gaf pointed out that the translation isn’t correct since in Thai, it’s saying “Koh Chang Ferry”, but it says “Welcome to Koh Chang” in English!

Coconut Beach Bungalows.

Bifern and Gaf comparing the VDOs they can take with their camera/phone.

Kitti and Nun.

Joe and Ta.

Nett and Becky.


The Head of Sixth Form – Mrs. Keys, who did an excellent job organizing this trip.

Topsy on the beach.

Some people, like Nett here, decided to play frisbee while others…

…preferred to make sand sculptures [and sandballs that they threw at others], like Trin here.

A little view of the beach.



Toy and Tina.

Burying Bifern.

We present our made-in-five-minutes art work – “Buried Bifern”… Haha, Nun, Charlie, Gaf, Raghav, Tien, Jeeb, and I had to dig up so much sand to make the hole for Bifern… Apparently, as we poured sand onto her, some of it also got into her mouth, which caused a great scene where Raghav had to run down the beach to get some water to rinse the sand from her mouth…

Prang and Blue with their little sand castle that has a moat, a bridge, and even a hole in the middle!

Acting all crazy…
Me, Bifern, Nun, Gaf, and Tien.

Here’s the real order of those who are in the picture [since some of them are blocked by others] – Topsy, Me, Bifern, Nun, Gaf, Tien, and Tab.

The sun setting…


Trin doing a handstand.

Jeeb, Toy, and Siree.

Joe and Ta.

Nithi and I.

Nancy, Julie, Pey-Shyen, and Jenny.

Dan, Ohm, Siki, Gunn, Nett, and Kong.

Bifern, Nun, and Topsy during the Mastermind game where all the questions were about Entertainment and Pop Culture stuff [There were three rounds – Famous Faces, Pop Culture Gossip, and Identify the Song by listening to the first 10 seconds]. “Our Humps” came second with only one point behind “Nerd Nation”!

Topsy during breakfast.

Me and Joe during breakfast.

The area of the resort that some of the guys stayed in. The building looks pretty scary, especially at night… The resort is also really quiet and we even thought of filming some sort of “teen horror” flick during our stay… Haha, we didn’t do it though…

My room… I stayed with Gaf and Joe. I got the biggest [and best] bed, while Joe got the “second to best” and Gaf got the worst [even though he thought it was the second best]…

Like last year, Ta kept on playing his guitar throughout the expedition… This time it’s his guitar though.

Joe: “I don’t wanna leave this place!”
Haha, just joking, I just made that part up… But I don’t know why, all of a sudden he started hugging the pole!

Blue, Aom, Prang, and Lillian.

Kitti, Bifern, Nun, Topsy, and Tab.

Some of the kayaks…

A little demonstration on how to kayak by Ohm and Charlie.

Joe and Topsy with their “hand-made balls”…

Nun, Bifern, and Jeeb.

A cuttlefish that we found floating dead near shore.

Nun painting on the beach while Jeeb looks out to the horizon.

Ta, Kitti, Bifern, Gaf, Raghav, Tien, Shigeo, Shintaro, Yuka [Byron], and I playing Dodgeball on the beach.

Bifern, Ta, and Joe laughing at a VDO clip Gaf took of Bifern… It can be seen HERE. The VDO is basically showing that Bifern thinks that Gaf is taking a picture of her when he’s actually VDO taping her… Mainly Thai was spoken here…
Oh, here’s another a VDO clip of some people during dinner time that I took… Note: People mainly spoke Thai so you should be able to understand Thai to view this. It’s also a little bit dark [actually, really dark]…

Gaf with his Mohawk hairstyle.

Gaf, Raghav, and Nithi during dinner at the Italian restaurant nearby.

Joe, Gaf, Becky, Blue, Raghav, Nithi, and I ate at the Italian restaurant dring our free time and decided to skip dinner.


Kitti during dinner thinking about someone ;-)…

Tab, Siree, Trin, Jeeb, Toy, Music, Plai, and Boung.

A pic of my group.

Chris, Lewis, Tien, and Dave.

Jeeb and Toy during the Icebreaker game.

The Japanese group – Masa, Kanae, Yuka [Keller], Yuka [Byron], Tak, Shin, Shigeo, and Jeeb – singing a Japanese song that’s said to be very popular. [Sorry, I forgot the name of the song… Ask Jeeb if you want to know…]

Sunrise, sunrise…

The whole Sixth Form in our “Super Six” t-shirts.

Another view of the beach.

Coconut tree…

Prang and Bifern at the American Diner.

Me and Prang.


Raghav, Tina, and Yuka.

Nun, Topsy, and Blue.


Becky and Trin.


Joe and I.

Group pic… Don’t know why that bartender girl came and joined us… Sorry for the bad lighting… Apparently the flash didn’t reach us or something…

Leaving the resort…

On the mini song-taew…
Tien, Gaf, and Bifern.

Joe and Ta.

Nun and Tina.

A view of the ocean from the cliffs.

Nun and Bifern at the ferry.

Jeeb and Simba that Julie, who’s now in Singapore, gave her during her visit.

One last group pic on Koh Chang.

That mountain looks like a volcano from far away… And I think it’s that bird from San Francisco that’s in the smoke!! Why do all my nice scenery pictures have birds in them??

A view from the ferry. Even better, bird-free!

Bifern and Topsy during the national anthem… It was so funny because everybody was talking to one another and doing their own business, but as soon as the national anthem came up, everyone stood up right away… All the tourists were staring at us and wondering what’s going on…

Kitti, Topsy, Bifern, and Ta.

Nun and Plai.

Siree and Toy.

Plai and Nithi.

Bifern doing an impersonation of the ghost in Ju-On.

Topsy and Nun with their Starbucks.

Tien and Gaf enjoying their chicken.

Bifern and Yuka with their McDonald’s drinks.

Joe and Ta watching the deleted scenes of Pirates of the Caribbean.

Topsy and Ta… I don’t know why but all of a sudden, Ta felt like “eating” people’s heads on the last day, haha…

Chris on the other bus doing an impersonation of a monkey…

Reaching Bangkok…

Just before we got off…
Ta, Bifern, Yuka, Topsy, and Nun.

These are only about half of the pictures that I took [about 390 that I took but only 259 are up on the net]… The others are HERE, HERE, and HERE at the Yahoo Photo Album… Hope you enjoyed the entry… And there are no pics from snorkeling or kayaking this year since we didn’t have a waterproof camera…

Just some random thoughts: We were divided into Groups 1 & 2, and the other group was so lucky since on the day they went kayaking and we went snorkeling, there wasn’t any sun at all, but on the day we went kayaking, it was a full blast! Plus, the waves were so high but at least we didn’t fall out of our kayak, unlike when we practiced the day before… I was also told that Chris’s kayak flipped TWELVE times! Only because they intended to, though… Anyway, despite the high waves and blazing sun, my kayaking team [Bifern, Ta, and I] was the first to reach the island [after Mr. and Mrs Waterman… So second in all, but first of the students]! Even though we were shouting at each other to keep on paddling!

Overall, I think that it was a great time to spend with my friends. In my opinion, I liked this year’s activities more than last year’s, but I liked the fact that we had so much free time last year to do whatever we wanted… Anyway, great expedition!

I’ll just update about the AS Exams and Twelfth Night Production Performance and pics another time since this one is way too long.

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End of Term! Vacation at last!

December 16, 2005

At last, one term of school’s done and I now have time to relax. Well, not really since I have to get ready for our upcoming A-Levels Module exams in January one week after school opens… Jeesh, not like I and the other Sixth Formers can really enjoy the vacation, huh? Anyway, I haven’t updated for 2 months or so and there’s just so much to write about… So many things happened this term – Community Service, the Autumn Bash, the Basketball games, the Football competition, the Carol Service, International Day, Loy Kratong, Swimming Gala… The list goes on forever… I must say, this term has been extremely fun, despite the fact that we practically have a test every single week [not as bad as the people who take Psychology though, since they literally have one Psychology test every single week!]. In addition, I really believe what the teachers use to say to us that in order to study A-Levels, you must be committed and hard-working or you’ll go nowhere. Absolutely true! There’s just so much of the workload and the whole pressure about being a role-model to the younger students, which can get annoying some times since if you make a tiny little mistake, you’ll get picked on.

Anyway, it’s been awhile since I wrote and so many things happened that I’m actually forgetting them already! Community Service was a great experience and it was great that we got to go and spend time with the children at the different centers. The Inter-House Basketball was a great competition and I even took part in it! Haha, mainly just because not enough people decided to join so I had to get down and play and I even scored half our team’s point in the first match! That’s right 2 points… [-_-] I think that I saw great spirit in my House this year since during the last match for the KS3 Boys and Girls games, the boys, who were trailing at 0 to 10 were able to flip the game in the last ten minutes and win! They just kept on scoring 2, 2, 2, 2, and then finally, in the last minute or so, one boy, I think it was Kruad, shot randomly in the attempt to score a point and it went straight in. As if that wasn’t shocking enough, it was a three-pointer that he scored! Thus, making us win that particular game! As for the girls, we [Bifern and I] bribed them that we would give them stamps [sort of like credits] if they win this challenge by 10 points or more. Guess what – they did! Maybe it was bribery that made them win, but still, they won!

Moving on – The Autumn Bash…

[Click the image below to go to the Autumn Bash Album]

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Ohm, Ping, and Ta – Part of the Sixth Form Band performing at the Autumn Bash

The day of the Autumn Bash started out with a little Preview of the Byron Charity Day where we had a little “Dunk-the-Teacher” game. All I can say is that we got so much money just from that game! And the teachers were so funny as they waited for the students to dunk them. One particular conversation between Mr. Herbert, who was in the dunking booth then, and Kitti:

Mr. Herbert: Aww, here comes Kitti! He isn’t gonna get me down.
Kitti: Mr. Herbert – This is for giving me a C for my Drama grade! [Throws the ball]
Mr. Herbert: Hahaha… [The ball hits the thing and he falls down. He gets up again and sits.]
Kitti: This is for letting me play a MORON in the Drama Play!
Mr. Herbert: Kitti – you ARE a moron!
Mr. Herbert: I will pay for 50 balls if Kitti gets into this with his uniform on!
[People pressure Kitti to get into the booth in the sake of charity. You can probably guess what happened next!]

After the dunk, we went to the Autumn Bash, which was after school. In my opinion, I think that the Sixth Form Band last year was better since they played many fun songs such as Len Kong Soong by Big Ass, My Immortal by Evanescence, and so many other ones, which were all awesome. Still, this year was pretty good. In addition, it felt weird that Mew’s Band wasn’t there anymore since they used to rock everyone. Anyway, we saw a lot of great talent that night!

Moving on – International Day…

[Click the image below to go to the International Day Album]
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
B6OG Posing on International Day.
Back row: Me, Siki, and Mr. Gray
Middle Row: Yuka, P’Bow, P’Ploy, Julie, and Raghav
Last Row: Aom, Kanae, Ploy, Bifern, and Gaf

All I can say about International Day is that it was quite funny to see all of us in different costumes. The ones that really stood out were probably Topsy in her Minnie Mouse costume, Tab in his “Baang Ra Jaan” clothes, and Jeeb in her Samurai armor.

Moving on – Loy Kratong…

[Click the image below to go to the Loy Kratong Album]
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Posing in front of the Common Room before we run off to class.
Standing: Music, Ohm, Plai, Ping, Charlie, Sky, Bifern, Stacy, Yuka, Donut, Nancy, Julie, Nop, and Chris.
Sitting: Nithi, Me, and Raghav.

Loy Kratong was also fun to see everybody dressed up in a Thai costume. Most of us just wore what we did last year. Fear Factor was pretty funny but it was starting to get boring since the stuff is similar to last year – and there’s no scorpion for them to eat this year! What a pity…

Moving on – ISB MUN…

[Click the image below to go to the ISB MUN Album]
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Harrow MUN Team of 2005
Back Row: Nadine, Abby, Sparsh, Taha, Chris, Raghav, and Boung
Middle Row: Charlie, Elysia, Kawee, Aesh, Tina, Trin, and Miles
Front Row Standing: Simran, Linn, Hyung Mi, Keiko, Topsy, Jeeb, Dow, Toy, and Nithi.
Front Row Sitting: Mr. Way, Mrs. Stalder, and Me.

This conference was another great conference for me since I got the chance to be the chairman of a committee, which involved ordering people to be quiet and to stop talking… Haha, great experience… Also had to help the other people that just joined MUN for the first time. I was surprised to see that many of them engaged themselves into the debate, e.g. Toy asking some Points of Informations, Charlie discussing a resolution and how to bring it down with another delegate, even Trin making some comments and accidentally saying “Point of Public Privilege” on accident [there’s only “Point of Personal Privilege”]… And in case you were wondering if I went to the IASAS conference this year – No, I didn’t because I had the ROTC [R.D.] exam on that week, so I didn’t want to miss that and risk doing it alone later in December.

Moving on – Swimming Gala…

[Click the image below to go to the Swimming Gala Album]
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Swimming Gala… I missed this event last year since I was in Singapore but all I can say is that it was fun! All the houses were very spirited and went on cheering for their houses. I didn’t swim so I had to be a timer assistant. Now I see why everybody was wearing a hat and put on sunscreen because the sun was really hot! The weather was fine at first but as time went on, it got hotter and hotter. Byron was leading with Churchill at first but as time went by, Keller caught up with their relays and shot to first place, thus kicking Byron down to fifth place. Oh well, at least we’re higher than Sonakul… I must say, I saw some excellent swimmers in our house – Aom, Misato, Adrian, Jessica, Third, and many other people. And great job to Byron for coming in first for the KS4 Kayak Relay and second for the KS3 Kayak Relay! Great teamwork!

Moving on – Football

Byron KS3 Boys Football Team

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Natt, Boom, Caleb [I think], Jasper, Kruad [I think], Jayson, and Third.

Byron KS4 Girls Football Team

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Standing: P’Bow, Eye, Aim, Poi [I think], and Gab
Sitting: P’ Ploy and Bifern

That’s all the pics that I took – I didn’t have the chance to take pics of the KS3 Girls and KS4 Boys who made it to the finals since they were already on the field by the time I got there… But anyway, I saw a great team effort and team spirit from the players in the football game. What do I mean by that? Well, we had people volunteering [or maybe because of the bribe again, haha] to play the game when we were short of people. Some of the boys were willing to let the girls borrow their socks and shin pads and wait for the game to finish until they get it. One girl, Eye, injured her toe the day before and continued to play the next day just so that Byron could have a chance at winning. I must say, although we came in 5th in the overall total, we did very well in the football challenge and this is a sign that we can improve next year! Highlights of the game are Gunn and Job, who both scored a goal in our individual matches against Nehru and Suriyothai, P’Ploy, who was an excellent goalie, the Siritawat Sisters, who were excellent as defenders and wouldn’t let go of the ball, Ploy, who came to school to play the game even though she had stomach ulcers, Kong, an excellent goalie that made the students team against the teachers, Pim, who shot the ball in at the last two seconds and making Byron go into the penalty shoot out in the finals, Pair, who shot two goals in our match against Suriyothai, and to Wikkee, Natt, and Aom, who were excellent Sport Captains for this competition. [Jeesh, talk about a run-on sentence just now…]

Moving on – End of Term…

[Click the image below to go to the End of Term & Carol Service Album]
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Some of the Sixth Formers after the Carol Service before we leave the school
I’ll just start from the left: P’Ploy, P’Dow, Kevin, Raghav, Me, Gaf, Shigeo, Nun, P’Ohm, Stacy, Nop, Donut, Yuka, Bifern, Charlie, Por, Kitti, Nancy, Siree, Jeeb, Tina, Chris, Music, Trin, Nithi, and Siki.

The end of term one… Probably one of the best days of the year since we were going on vacation. Also a pretty sad day since some of our friends were leaving, too. Still, we all celebrated with them and threw a little party before we headed off to the football finals and then the carol service. Here are some pictures of the day – more in the album!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
In our tutor group with Mr. Wise.
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
During the little party – The leavers: Donut, Nop, Por, and Kevin. [There are three other people (Julie, Plai, and Ploy) but they didn’t come on the last day of school.]
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Carol Service – This year’s was so much better than last year. The lighting was really nice, the choir was awesome [the girls were excellent!], and the readers were really good. We weren’t supposed to clap at the end to allow a moment of silence, but right after we sang “Joy to the World”, we all just started clapping since the service this year was really good. In fact, Gaf and I started clapping first and then everbody followed, haha… The applause went on and on for minutes until the choir left and Dr. Hensman had to tell us to be quiet!

Anyway, that’s it for this entry… All I can say is good luck to Por, Kevin, Donut, Nop, Julie, Plai, and Ploy and hope you guys enjoy where you’re going to. Exams are coming up… I have only have four exams this time around [thank God] instead of – what was it – 17 or 19 last year?? Anyway, the problem is that they’re all within days after another… Biol on the 10th of Jan, then Chem on the 11th, then Physics on the 12th… Great… Even worse – because we must take the exam the same time as the UK for Maths, our Maths exam will be at 7:30 PM on the night of the tenth! And we’ll be done around 9 or so… Oh well, I’m gonna have a fun time studying…

Last but not least, wish you all a great vacation and have fun! The weather’s so good now… A total contrast with last week – I guess it’s better late than never, right?

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